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1. How do I log into my account?

Enter your Login Details, select the icon on the right hand menu, enter your user name and password and then click on the "Login Now" button.

2. How do I register and become a member?

Simple fill the form on the registration page and click on the "Register for free now" button. Once your information is submitted you will be send an email with an activation link that you must follow in order to activate your account. You will then be registered to play the lotteries.

3. How can I update my personal details?

Logon to your account and click on the "Update Account" menu option.

4. Will I have my play history?

Transparency is part of our game, simple logon to your account and click on the "Game History" menu option.

5. How much am i going to pay for my ticket(s)?

We try by all possible means to meet you halfway by charging norminal fee of R4.00 handling fee irregardless of the number of tickets bought, 15% service fee of the total amount of your puchase and VAT on both Handling fee and Service fee, e.g. buying two tickets with lotto plus (R3.50*2)

Lotto tickets Costs  R7.00
Handling costs R4.00
Service fee R1.05
VAT on HC& SF R0.71
Total   R12.76


6. What percentage do you own on my tickets or winnings?

For South African lotteries we will pay you 95% of your winnings, 4% will be paid to the ticket buyer and we will retain only 1% of your price winning. Bank or tranfer costs will be calculated on means of payment to be used and will never cost you more than R1000-00. Hence the question how will you trust that i will be paid my Millions for a mere R6.00 handling cost you charge me is answered. You win R100 000.00, and you decide to re use it without any withdrawal, we dont deduct any percentage since we will get the handling and service fees when you play. Unfortunately on foreign lotteries, i.e. uk lotto, euromillions, superena and others we take 5% on payout of your winnings, this is taken by the agent buying your lotto tickets. 

7. How do I check the results?

You dont need to check any results, an email confirming your winnings and results will be sent to you immediately after the results are available, if subscribed to sms, it will be sent also.

8. What are the terms on cancellation?

Unfortunately once the purchase botton has been clicked we are unable to offer any refund. It is imperative that you familiarise yourself with our terms and conditions.

9. Are there any lottery scams out there?

Certainly there are. We are sure you will or you took much time before registering with us thinking of the scams out there. Once you receive any email notifiying you of the winnings of lottery you never played and asking you not to disclose your winnings to anybody untill your pay outs has been sorted out, asking you to disclose either your personal information or banking details, you should be suspicious of such email. Please inform us of such emails and we will try to black list them for you. We will never ask for up front payment for the delivery of your winnings.

10. How do I buy the tickets?

11.How many tickets am I allowed to purchase?

You may buy as many tickets as the balance allows in your account, and you can buy up eight draws ahead.

12. How much will my ticket cost in my local currency?

You will be charged at the current exchange rate at the time of your funding the account converted to South African Rands, you can find out from trusted exchange institutes like http://www.xe.com/ for the ongoing rates.

13. I have registered with your site but did'nt receive any confirmation emails, what could be the problem?

You may have typed your email address incorrectly, you need to login to your account and try to update your profile. Check if your email address is not mistyped and save the changes.

The other possible reason may be that our correspondances are caught up in your service provider or computer's spam filter, in this case you need to flag Lottonets web as trusted source. 


14. Why do I have to pay in Euro none South African lottery tickets while I am in South Africa?

Firstly, South Africans and or its residents are not allowed to play and or engage into foreign lotteries, and remember we are not a financial institution, we do not act as a bureaux de change  , we give an estimated price in Euro on that particular day when you purchase your ticket(s). Secondly, all account fundings are done in Rands (SA), so an estimated price has to be made since our agent can only get the tickets on local currency of that particular country.


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