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New lotto and lotto plus 1 & 2
2017-08-02 20:49:37

We are busy updating our systems to accomodate the new lotto and lotto plus, while we are in the process, you wont be able to play your favourite games, we do apologise for incovinience caused. We will be up and running soon. For any furth

Lotto and Lotto plus tickets price goes up.
2016-05-22 11:48:11

 The SA lotto game has gone exciting changes which will see players winning more than before. As part of its ongoing mission aimed at reinvigorating the lottery games and bringing about more excitement, It is making changes to the lotto an

Ithuba wins again...
2016-05-13 20:51:01

Giani, the former lottery operator has failed to reclaim the lottery licence, this is after the SCA application related to an unsuccessful 2014 legal challenge by Gidani against the Trade and Industry minister Rob Davies for having awarded the

Bigger SA powerball jackpots on the cards....
2015-11-10 08:20:33

The new South african national lottery operators comes with exciting changes that will see players winning more on powerball game jackpots, of course this at a small price, new powerball ticket will be R5.00. It also anounced that as from

New Lotto operator takes over...
2015-06-02 09:18:01

The National lotteries board (NLB) has confirmed that Ithuba Holdings Pty Ltd will take over National lottery operations from Gidani from Monday, June 1, 2015. The announcement was made by Charlotte Mampane, CEO of the NLB. This follows the ann

South African national lottery has got a new operator....
2015-05-31 12:43:13

Its official, Ithuba holdings the newly licenced SA lottery operators are taking over all operations from the 1st of June 2015, Gidani will decomission most of its retail machines by today to allow a seamless transfer. 


No powerball draw this Friday...
2015-04-02 08:30:42

It is another Goodfriday, another year, lets celebrate it, so no disturbance, there will be no powerball draw this friday, all tickets will be moved to the next draw. We wish you all a peaceful and safey Easter holidays...

No powerball draw on goodfriday....
2014-04-16 07:36:42

There will be no South African Powerball draw on Good -friday, the South African lotto draw on sartuday will not be affected.

We wish all peacefull easter holidays and good lucky.

Christmas day draw...
2013-12-24 08:52:22

There will be no SA lotto draw on Christmas day. All tickets purchased for this draw will be moved to the next draw.

Lottonets team would like to thank you all for your valued support through out the year and wish you the b

UK Lottery ticket price increase
2013-10-04 19:51:36

The UK National lottery operators has announced and we wish to advise that effective the 3rd October 2013 the UK National Lottery organiser has raised ticket prices.

This is the first price increase since the lotto launched in

Eighteen companies are vying for the national lottery operator contract....
2013-08-07 21:47:35

The companies vying for South African national lottery's R40 Billion contract are known to the NLB.  The companies had all purchased the request for proposal document, for R50 000 each, which outlines the procedure to bid for the

Most scrutinised lottery bid yet in the pipe line...
2013-06-20 11:58:50

Briefing journalists in Cape Town, Davies said this would be the "most scrutinised lottery bid yet".

"We want to make sure that we have an uninterrupted transition... so that means that we have to be very, very careful

No powerball draw on goodfriday...
2013-03-26 21:42:39

There will be no powerball draw this coming friday, but this will not affect the life changing guaranteed lotto jackpot on sartuday of R40 Million. We wish you safe and blessed easter weekend. And good luck on the next draws...

SA National lottery turning thirteen....
2013-03-02 09:13:47

The South African national lottery is celebrating it's 13th year in th business of creating millionaires. Since 2000, it has created over 1114 instant millionaires and over 375 million tickets on other lower divisions won. This month (

Christmas is good.....
2012-12-22 17:57:08

There will be no PowerBall lotto draw on Christmas day, National Lottery Operator, Gidani, has confirmed.
Lotto and Lotto plus draws are not affected and would continue as ussual. A combined R41 million in LOTTO and PowerBall

Christmas comes early in East London (SA)...
2012-12-18 22:32:03

Surely this is an early Christmas for Mr. S. Visser, his investment of less than R100.00 paid out dividents of over R107 000.00. He won second division on the South African Powerball lottery, draw held on the 18th of December 2012. We woul

Another big catch again...
2012-07-14 10:04:12

One of our clients has done it in yesterday's sa powerball lotto (13 July 2012), Mr R. Van Schalkwyk  from North West (Koster) South Africa has pocketed a whopping R167 974.00. This man has used

Start the second half of 2012 with a bang...
2012-06-30 08:57:48

The South African national lottery has got yet another guaranteed lotto jackpot this month. Tonight's jackpot is a guaranteed R15 000 000.00 and this can change your life for good, all you need is your correct six numbers, who knows you mig

Fraudulant admin logins....
2012-06-29 21:59:59

We have picked up some fraudulent activities going on in the past few weeks, somebody from our competitors (cards used to fund the accounts linked to them), got our database login details, opened several fake accounts, he plays few tickets, wai

Good Friday is good...no Powerball draw.....
2012-04-03 22:11:27

Here comes that time of the year, where most christians over two billion world wide will be out there to commemorate that special day when the saviour (Jesus Christ) was crucified. The South african national lottery operators has official

South African national lottery celebrates 12th birthday....
2012-03-02 11:20:28

This has never happened before in the history of South African national lottery, three guaranteed lottery jackpots in a month! The operators Gidani announced there will be three confirmed jackpots this month for R10 Million on the 3rd, R20 Mill

The most disadvantage of buying a lottery ticket in a traditional way...
2012-01-13 22:05:46

It is very painful to realise that you have lost the millions you never had and you never knew about them, only when you get your old lottery tickets misplaced somewhere and on checking you get to know that you had the right combinati

Big SA Lottery jackpot...
2011-10-18 20:52:09

Get your luck numbers ready, on the 29th of October 2011, the SA lottery jackpot is a guaranteed R30 Million. This can change your life for good, you have got nearly two weeks to try and beat the 13,9 million odds of the lottery combinatio

South African Lottery winning ticket has caused tension in the family.
2011-09-23 14:22:19

It all started as usually, as a game of numbers. The dispute relates to a July 2006 national lottery windfall for the formerly close-knit Groener family when there were only two winning tickets for the R15-million jackpot.

Belinda Gr

R102 Million SA Powerball lotto winner comes forward to claim his winning ticket...
2011-06-10 16:33:39

South Africa’s newest Powerball lotto millionaire has finally claimed his prize. The elusive R102m PowerBall jackpot winner has come forward a week after the winning draw.


R90 Million mind blowing powerball lotto jackpot...
2011-05-30 20:14:39

At least one lucky winner will have a life time cheque this week, the SA Powerball Lotto jackpot has ballooned to a mind blowing R90 million jackpot, the South African national lottery operators Gidani has confirmed.

Two main lo

No Powerball lotto draw on Friday...
2011-04-19 21:56:53

Good friday is good, thus that time of the year, most Christians if not all will be celebrating the life of our Lord Jesus Christ, the South African national lottery operators will be joining the rest of the world, hence there will be no p

e-tv wins lotto draw...
2011-04-01 15:22:08

Barely after two years, the free-to-air television station e.tv will once again host live SA Lotto draws with effect from Saturday 2 April 2011. The SA national lottery Operator Gidani spokesperson Thembi Tulwana said the PowerBall draws would

Biggest guaranteed lotto jackpot for 2011...
2011-03-24 20:09:30

It is the first 2011 highest guaranteed SA Lotto jackpot; the winner will see an eight digit bank balance. It has been confirmed that this R30 M

Invest your lotto winnings wisely..
2011-01-24 09:02:12

It was tata ma millions for two national lottery winners when they trusted an accredited Standard Bank financial advisor to invest their national lotto winnings of R27 million.

The two Lott

No SA Lotto draw on 2010 Christmas day...
2010-12-17 22:09:22

While we celebrate the Christmas day, there will be no sa lotto draw on Saturday 25 December 2010. The South African national lottery Operator, Gidani has confirmed. Spokesperson Thembi Tulwana said this Saturday’s Guaranteed LOTTO J

Lotto players taking too much chances..
2010-12-07 08:58:34

It is true that lottery is a game of chances, hence some call it "Thatha amachance" but not by trying to defraud the system.  "There has been a trend of players buying sa lotto tickets using winning numbers from a previ

National lotto winner forced to give away £2 to his ex-wife
2010-11-27 21:07:20

London - A lottery winner has been left appalled after the wife who left him for another man 10 years ago was able to grab £2 million of his winnings.

Nigel Page, who won the £56 million Euromillions jackpot earlier this

World's Richest lotteries on one platform...
2010-11-16 13:33:00

World Lotto tickets now available on one platform. Celebrating our birthday, we introduce to our valued online lotto players more new world’s biggest national lotteries. Now you do not need to buy SA lotto on one platform and crosses to a

Limpopo man wins R64 Million Powerball jackpot...
2010-10-14 17:17:59
A Limpopo father of two won R64 million on the South African National lottery Powerball, spending just R14 on a quick pick ticket, Lottery operator Gidani said. "The province has been blessed with yet another PowerBall multimillionaire, the fourth on
R69 Million jackpot winner claims his prize...
2010-07-19 16:06:37
 The second highest Powerball lotto winner has come forward to claim his millions. SA Lottery Operator Gidani has confirmed that the latest Powerball winner is a Western Cape man who scooped a massive R69,5 million on Tuesday the 13th last week.
Long Lottery odds does not apply to others...
2010-07-07 08:16:21

Some people are just lucky in life. People argued a lot when the Ghana Football national team failed to go through to the FIFA world cup semi finals last week and most people said it was lucky not on their side. What about somebody winning th

2010 Good Friday is good...
2010-03-30 14:25:05

There will be no PowerBall lotto draw on Friday the 2nd of April 2010, remember it's a good Friday and believe most of us will be at Church worshiping. The South African National lottery operators announced on Friday that they won

The R91 Million SA powerball winner claims her millions...
2010-02-16 15:46:53

Finally all the drama about a cleaner from the cape has won the biggest lotto jackpot ever is over. The new powerball lotto bigest winner has came forward. Its a mother of two living a middle class life tried her luck on thursday last week and bou

South African Powerball's first biggest jackpot has been won...
2010-02-13 16:56:14

The biggest jackpot in the history of the South African national lottery was won yesterday evening by one player who bought quick pick tickets in the WC. The winner  will see his/her bank account balance at R91 068 427.00. With this R91

SA Powerball lotto jackpot sky rocketing...
2010-02-03 08:55:24
What will you do with a R70 million cash cheque? This is what the South African national lottery has on offer on the newly trick game "PowerBall". It has rolled over for the 20th time. With this jackpot on offer, the winner will be the bigg
Powerball lotto jackpot hits R50 Million...
2010-01-25 09:10:41
Rolled over for the 18th time, this Tuesday the 26th of January 2010 the SA powerball lotto jackpot is estimated a R50 Million. Its a life changing jackpot, thus the highest ever since the introduction of national lottery in South Africa. This game P
Powerball lotto on Christmas day....
2009-12-22 07:52:54

They wont be Powerball lotto draw on christmas day. Powerball was introduced on the 16th of October 2009 and the first draw was on the 23rd of the same month and the jackpot of R30 million was won by a Polokwane man.

So far the pow

R10 Million Lotto jackpot guarantee...
2009-11-26 13:10:14

This will cheer somebody's christmas holidays, R10 Million guaranteed this coming Saturday (28 November 2009). With much choice in the games available from lotto, lotto plus, sportstake and powerball, this weekend many people will choose the l

First Powerball lotto jackpot winner claims his millions....
2009-11-06 07:51:41
The first South African national powerball lotto winner beats multi-million odds of hitting the national lotto jackpot twice. Seven years ago he won R11 Million jackpot and has done it again, this time in a different game, the powerball. Th
SA Powerball lottery
2009-10-16 06:10:05

We have done it again, this time not with Sportstake lotto, but with the South African powerball lotto. We have introduced the sa powerball lottery from the word go, tickets outlets opened today for the public to buy powerball tickets and same

Powerball lotto
2009-09-29 17:21:23
The new SA lotto game to start on the 16th next month, first draw scheduled for the 23rd, the powerball, our online players rest assured that we are busy weighing all the possible means for you to enjoy the convinience of getting your powerball
New lotto game
2009-09-16 17:04:22

Gidani introduces a new lotto game called powerball. The new lotto game will cost R3.50 and South African lotto players will choose their five numbers from a pool of fourty five and one powerbal from a pool of twenty numbers. The estimated&nb

Once Youngest Lotto jackpot winner faces jail..
2009-09-01 09:57:01
Jason Canterbury, once the youngest South African national lotto jackpot winner in 2003 is facing life in prison. Its one of the tragedy stories of the jackpot winners who once had his life looked brighter but in a few years time its in shambles. The
Why lotto rollovers disappear?
2009-08-05 18:43:38
"The reason why I play lotto draw after draw its because of these rollovers, but don't understand why the national lotto operators just not add the rollovers onto the gauranteed jackpots? Lottonets please explain." These are typical&nbs
Who will win the lotto jackpot in court...
2009-07-09 11:32:53
CHARITIES displeased with the South African National Lottery Board's lack of fund disbursement are preparing to take it to court, with the help of the Democratic Alliance. This time the lotto draw (for charities and  
Lotto Charity Applications to be reviewed..
2009-07-01 19:11:20
The SA government is planning to make it easier for charities to qualify for National lotto money, an official said this week. The South African national lotto fund distribution process needed to be sped up, Zodwa Ntuli, the deputy director
Free legal help for lotto charity applicants...
2009-06-25 09:37:55

It has been a daily norm that the National lotto is doing very little to the charity organisations. It seems this might be a thing of the past since one of the leading opositon political party has been aproach by the law firm to assist the aplican

EU: US Erred by barring foreign online gambling sites
2009-06-13 21:19:39

U.S. authorities want to make online gambling a purely domestic issue by opting out of international trade rule commitments, but the E.U. insisted Wednesday that the U.S. must honour those rules in the meantime. U.S. authorities want to make

How SA National Lotto supports the game of football....
2009-06-11 14:14:45

Few weeks ago we highlighted that during the confederations cup the game of lottery in the South African soil will be very interesting. The confederations cup starts this coming weekend (14th of June 2009) and we already have two games i

The province winning most of SA National lotto jackpots is....
2009-06-09 10:22:18

Its no secrect, from your own nominees, I can guess most of us may think It is Gauteng who is top on the list of South african national lotto millionaires. The most lotto jackpot winners of the South African national lotto are from KZN.

South African national lotto rule changes
2009-05-18 13:14:14

The South african Lotto rollover rule has been changed to meet international lottery rules. No more lotto roll downs, the SA lotto rule was that, after four South African National lotto rollovers, on the fifth one if no one wins the jackpot,

R5 Million Guaranteed jackpot on the 2nd of May.....
2009-04-25 16:56:50

South African national lotto has grown up drastically, this has been only happening with euromillions, but who said local is not good...On the 2nd of May next weekend its another guaranteed lotto jackpot of R5 Million for grabs, yes, you

South African lotto jackpot ballons to R20 Million ....
2009-04-17 08:32:36

Tomorrow the 18th of April, South African national lotto jackpot is estimated at R20 Million after the midweek rollover. As we promised, to play South african national lottery online with us you will always stay updated. We are like

SABC wins South African National Lotto Live draw...
2009-03-26 18:37:42

The live broadcast of the SA Lotto draw results and game show are coming back to SABC's three television channels and 13 radio stations after a six-year absence. South African National lottery live broadcasting was being done by e-tv. They wil

Another awesome SA lotto jackpot
2009-03-16 18:06:20

Playing South african lottery online with us will make you stay geared for any up coming big draws. While people will be grieving about South African national lotto price hike this month, the lotto jackpot associated with this first Lotto dra

South African national Lotto Price hike
2009-02-24 13:33:23

This is for the first time since the launch of the South African National Lottery nine years ago, the price of a LOTTO and a LOTTO Plus entry will increase. Sportstake price will remain the same.

" The price increase whic

Lotto, Lotto Plus and Sportstake Jackpots
2008-11-28 09:45:48

South african lottery jackpots has improved significantly in the past few months, taking for example the sportstake jackpot, when it started few months ago, people used to wonder if it was worth it to secrifise R1.00 per ticket when the jackpot us

Another awesome lotto jackpot
2008-07-05 10:10:33

Today's gauranteed R20 000 000.00 south african lotto jackpot is another huge South Africans will dream getting the lotto numbers right in tonight's draw. The lucky winner will see his or her account with an eight digit balance. This

who won R40 000 000.00 South African lotto jackpot?
2008-05-03 09:28:10
Everybody was looking and waiting for the results of this national lotto draw, fortunately it was shared among three lotto players (punters) who saw themselves taking home over R13 000 000.00. Those who didnt make it, its not the end of south african
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