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South African national lotto rule changes
2009-05-18 13:14:14

The South african Lotto rollover rule has been changed to meet international lottery rules. No more lotto roll downs, the SA lotto rule was that, after four South African National lotto rollovers, on the fifth one if no one wins the jackpot, it was rolled down to the second division that is five numbers plus bonus to share the lot. Now the rule of the game has changed. If they are no winners SA Lotto will rollover until somebody out there gets it right. It becomes interesting this game of lottery. Recently we saw South african Lotto jackpots improving significantly, now the fact that the lotto rollovers wont be rolled down, we are likely to see "LOTTO" jackpots sky rocketing to multi millions. Imagine how many people who play South African National lotto everyday, and with the lotto jackpot sky rocketing more than five rollovers how many South African lotto players will be eager to win it?


SA National lottery players, mainly those who play lotto online will see the worth to buy sa lotto tickets online since the hunt with online lotto players is about the high jackpots. We guess also with the oncoming international soccer games in South African land, the south African national lotto will see the Sportstake players buying more lotto tickets (sportstake) especially those supporting foreign teams. Its all about the money, the high the pay outs of the national lotto, the higher the lottery players. 

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