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Lotto, Lotto Plus and Sportstake Jackpots
2008-11-28 09:45:48

South african lottery jackpots has improved significantly in the past few months, taking for example the sportstake jackpot, when it started few months ago, people used to wonder if it was worth it to secrifise R1.00 per ticket when the jackpot used to be R350 000.00 the most but now days it goes sometimes up to half a million.


The fact that sportstake started at a relatively low jackpot, people have realised that its worth it to spend R1.00 per lotto ticket nowadays since the jackpot depends on the sales this has boosted the jackpot.


Sa Lotto, undoubtable, in the next three weeks due to the three lotto gauranteed saturday jackpots  we might see it improving more including lotto plus since most people try to double their winnings by including the lotto plus. 

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