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Long Lottery odds does not apply to others...
2010-07-07 08:16:21

Some people are just lucky in life. People argued a lot when the Ghana Football national team failed to go through to the FIFA world cup semi finals last week and most people said it was lucky not on their side. What about somebody winning the national lottery four times in less than 20 years? Is this lucky or its in the blood? This Texas lottery play Joan Ginther has done it. Maybe the odds of winning the lottery would be a lot better if this lady would stop buying all the good tickets.

Its unbelievable but true, this woman follows the Canadian man who has tricked the multi million odds five times.

 Unless we forget, the South African Powerball lotto jackpot has rolled over for the 14th time, you can join the multi millionaires above, and become the second largest winner of this South African lottery, all it takes its a single ticket. This weekend, while others will be celebrating their team in winning the FIFA world cup on Sunday, you might also be celebrating your winnings in the national lottery. The lotto and lotto plus plus also offers cool jackpots just above R12 Million.

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