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Lotto players taking too much chances..
2010-12-07 08:58:34

It is true that lottery is a game of chances, hence some call it "Thatha amachance" but not by trying to defraud the system.  "There has been a trend of players buying sa lotto tickets using winning numbers from a previous draw and wanting to pass them [off] as legitimate," Gidani spokeswoman Thembi Tulwana said in a statement.

In one instance last week, a woman working as a financial advisor with a big banking institution called the national lotto operators,  Gidani's head office in Midrand alleging a client had won R3.352 million.

“This was an anomaly to us as the only payment points of any amount above R50,000 are the Gidani offices.”

Financial advisors were also only called in once a lotto ticket had been validated as a winning one. She said the festive season was financially demanding on people and thus tended to lure them into deception.

Attempting to pass off a non-winning lottery ticket as valid was tantamount to fraud. The National Lottery's elaborate security system could not be cheated, she said. TimesLive.

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