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South African national Lotto Price hike
2009-02-24 13:33:23

This is for the first time since the launch of the South African National Lottery nine years ago, the price of a LOTTO and a LOTTO Plus entry will increase. Sportstake price will remain the same.

" The price increase which will come into effect on 26 March 2009 entails that a LOTTO entry will go up from R2.50 to R3.50 and the costs of a LOTTO Plus entry will increase from R1.00 to R1.50. This price will have a positive direct impact on lotto prizes won and the rand value of Gidani's contribution to good causes," said , spokesperson for Gidani, operator of the SA National Lottery. She further explained that this mean that the SA LOTTO jackpots and other prizes will be larger while the 34% Gidani given to the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund will translate into a significantly higher amount of money.

When Gidani took over the operation of the National Lottery from Uthingo a commitment was made to keep the touch and feel of the National Lottery unchanged. This meant keeping the games that people had become familiar with, LOTTO, LOTTO Plus, Wina Manje and SportStake the same. "For the benefit and convenience of our lotto players the price was also deliberately kept exactly as it was since the introduction of the Lottery in 2000." She points out.

"Based on the annual average CPI percentage changes from 2000 to 2008 a LOTTO entry today should be retailing at R4.22," expands Tulwana. In addition, inflation has also impacted on the value of the contributions made to Good Causes, even though Gidani has endeavored to mitigate the impact by increasing the percentage paid to good causes to 34% compared to the average of 22% by the previous operator.

This increase is a precursor to a number of exciting announcements to be made in the coming weeks as the renewal of the National Lottery unfolds. "At the end of last year we repeated our commitment made when we started that under Gidani National Lottery participants had exciting days ahead of them." She announced.

Tulwana also said that the value of the lotto Jackpots has also been negatively affected and that LOTTO and LOTTO Plus players were aware that the value of lotto Jackpots has not kept in line with inflation. Actually the value of money has reduced by 70% between 2000 and 2008.

She argues, "Applying the average annual CPI percentage changes between 2000 and 2008 to a R2 million lotto Jackpot of year 2000 on a R2,50 LOTTO entry when the products were launched, the value of that lotto Jackpot would be worth R600 000 today. This means that the value of money has reduced by 70% between 2000 and 2008".

SA national lotto Players are reminded that nothing has changed in the method of playing LOTTO and LOTTO Plus except R1 extra for LOTTO and 50 cents for LOTTO Plus. A whole new, marvelous Lottery experience beckons.

And be advised that our online lotto, lotto plus tickets future dated will be also affected, we will anounce the action in due cause, for now enjoy your lottery games with us.

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