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The most disadvantage of buying a lottery ticket in a traditional way...
2012-01-13 22:05:46

It is very painful to realise that you have lost the millions you never had and you never knew about them, only when you get your old lottery tickets misplaced somewhere and on checking you get to know that you had the right combination of numbers. We are talkng about you, wasting your time buying a lottery ticket and you either loose it or keep it somewhere and forget about it until the expire date. This can happen to anyone, say on your way home, you passby the local shop or garage and at the till point you ask for a quick pick lotto ticket, in a hurry you misplace your ticket in your car side door pocket, not knowing that it is the winning ticket.

This will put your ticket on the unclaimed statistic table of lottery prices. The South African national lottery operators has got millions of unclaimed winnings and it can be yours, check all your old lottery tickets, you might be a millionaire not knowing, currently there are five unclaimed jackpots which are still valid:


Unclaimed Jackpots: 5 Draw Number Amount Draw Date
Eastern Cape 1128 R 1 319 329.00 15/10/2011
KZN 1106 R 5 000 000.00 30/07/2011
Gauteng 1093 R 1 364 338.00 15/06/2011
Limpopo 1063 R 16 452 611.50 02/03/2011
Gauteng (Powerball) 213 R 1 238 744.00 15/11/2011
    R 25 375 022.50   

Remember once a ticket is not cashed within 12 months, it will be retained by Gidani (National lottery operators) and you will not be able to claim it.

It is always wise to get your lotto tickets online if you have got the access, in this way chances are next to zero to have your winnings unclaimed.

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